The Instax Printer:
From Phone Pix to Prints in Seconds

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Meet the Instax Printer, the simplest way to instantly print pics from your phone. We’re sure you two will hit it off splendidly.

With a free app and just a few taps on your phone your new BFF makes it easy to turn any photo onto a real live Instax mini print!

Crop, edit and filter first … then, tap tap, you’re printing.

We might be moving a little fast here, but the Instax Printer makes a great addition to a wedding photobooth too.

Grab Your Own Portable Instax Printer
$220 at the Photojojo Shop

Cordito and the ChargeKey
Meet the New Power Couple

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There’s a new power duo here to keep you (and your phonecam) charged up while you’re on the go.

Experience the power of the Cordito cord carrier and the ChargeKey, a USB cable that lives on your keychain.

The Cordito keeps your gear in check, tightly rolled up in a stylish leather package. Kind of like a burrito but with less guacamole and more storage space, ready to grab and go.

Carrying cords not really your thing? If you’ve got the ChargeKey on your keychain, grab your keys on the way out the door and you’ve got a mini USB charging cable in your pocket.

Learn more about the Cordito
$40 at the Photojojo Shop

Grab Your Own ChargeKey
$29 at the Photojojo Shop

Luxi Makes Manual Mode Easy

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Don’t let Otto any where near your DSLR! He sorta shoots for an ok exposure … Did we say Otto? We meant Auto. Auto Mode.

Luxi is here to help! This li’l gizmo will turn your iPhone into a light meter, help you master manual mode and banish that “Otto” fool forever.

Luxi makes manual mode easy by measuring the exact light falling onto your subject and telling you just what settings to use.

Luxi’s diffusing dome turns you iPhone into an incident light meter that is more precise than the reflective meter inside your camera and is less spendy than traditional meters.

Learn More About Luxi
$30 at the Photojojo Shop

Bags for Phoneographers with Style

We’re here to stop your pants from falling down (due to your pocketfuls of phones, lenses, lights and don’t forget that backup battery).

Check out these smartly sized bags to carry your smartphone and all its smartcessories. Scroll along to find out how to win one of your own.

Regular camera bags are big and boring (plain black? no thanks). The Plaid Camera Satchel is plaid(!) and just the right size for your tiniest phoneography gear.

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert will take on the look and style of any bag in the universe! Just slip it into any bag and give your photoing gear an extra-cushy safe ride.

The iPhone Lens Wallet has been specially formulated to fit the Photojojo Phone Lens line, plus a 10-12x telephoto lens and a mini tripod. So many goodies, all in one place.


It’s so easy, so very easy. Simply pin one, or three, of our bags and we’ll give away one of each bag to three lucky pinners. Look, we even put easy peasy “Pin it” buttons right here (look down).

The Plaid Camera Satchel
$75 at the Photojojo Shop

The Any Bag Camera Bag Insert
$69 at the Photojojo Shop

The iPhone Lens Wallet
$15 at the Photojojo Shop

Lights. Smartphone. Action!

With just the right accessories, you and your phone can make movie magic.

Might we suggest a dolly that slides, lenses for a new perspective and a constant light to really shine.

Don’t just rely on your hands or zoom to pan your cam. The Table Dolly glides smooth as silk on its four wheels and holds tight to any phone.

Change up your view with the Phone Lens Series. The wide angle and fisheye more than make up for your phone’s auto crop in video mode. The telephoto and macro get you stunning close ups.

For pro-level lighting use the Pocket Spotlight on or off of your phone. Get constant even light right where you want it.

Learn More About the Table Dolly
$90 at the Photojojo Shop

Buy the Phone Lens Series
$20+ at the Photojojo Shop

Nab a Pocket Spotlight
$30 at the Photojojo Shop

Shoot Pro Quality Videos (Without a Hollywood Budget)

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Whether the Oscars inspired you to shoot like the greats, or displeased you to the point of “I could do better,” NOW is the time to step up your video shootin’ game!

Take up your trusty DSLR, a Focus Shifter, the Oh! Wow. Ring Light and start writing that acceptance speech.

The Oh! Wow. Ring Light surrounds your lens in LEDs that provide even light at three brightness settings. It has a constant mode (perfect for videos) and also flash mode for stills.

The Focus Shifter fits snug on any lens, giving you a handle for max control of your focus ring and a marker board to set your focus points before you shoot.

Just don’t forget to thank the Academy, your mom and Photojojo. :)

See more example pix from our Ring Light
$99 at the Photojojo Shop

Learn More about the Focus Shifter
$49 at the Photojojo Shop

Galilleo: The iPhone Panning Robot

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Meet Galileo. This little guy is one smooth operator. One smooth camera operator.

He’ll hold on tight to your iPhone and tilt, twirl and swivel 360° for butter smooth panning videos, spherical panoramas and moving time lapses.

Use an app to set up your shot (or video) and then watch him go. Keep your shaky fingers out of the whole situation.

You can even control this pan-tastic robot from afar. Direct flawlessly panning video as you record!

Learn More About Galileo
$149 at the Photojojo Shop

Valentine Photo Gifts For Everyone

Valentine’s Day is February 14th. That’s just around the corner.

Now is the time to grab a gift for your sweetie (or heck, for yourself).

Whether your relationship is a baby f/22 or a full on f/2.8, if you’re head over heals in love, grateful for your friends or flying solo, we’ve got gift ideas for everyone!

Easy Macro Lens Band

Take detailed photos, up close and personal. → More

Instant Cam iPhone Decal

A true friend will stick by your side and this on their phone. → More

The Keyprop

Your friends can lean on you and their phone on this stand. → More

Phone-o-Chrome Filter

Friends don’t let friends photo without a rainbow-y filter. → More

Instagram Like Necklace

No filters here. Give a symbol of your undying like. → More

Snack Caps

A sweet treat that says, “I care for you and your lens’ safety.” → More

Power Boost Keychain

May your heart and battery always be full. → More

The Pocket Spotlight

Shed light on your true feelings and your photos. → More

Instax Mini 90 Camera

This camera makes mini instant prints but it has BIG heart. → More

Sony QX Smart Lenses

Your love’s phone will love this wireless lens camera. → More

Limited Edition SX-70s

Polaroid cameras lovingly restored to perfect condition. → More

Brooklyn Camera Bag

Made of the finest leather for your finest Valentine! → More

Muku Shutter Remote

No photo assistant? Grab a Muku to snap photos for you. → More

Autographer Smart Cam

Super intelligent. Always by your side. It logs your life! → More

Gorillapod Mobile

You and your phone know how to stand up for yourselves. → More

Touch Screen Gloves

Photoing cold? You’ve got your gloves to keep you warm. → More

Poppy: Your Viewmaster, All Grown Up

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Poppy is one part Viewmaster, one part iPhone, all parts amazing.

It lets you create 3D photos, videos and wiggle gifs! Just slip your iPhone into a Poppy and shoot away.

Pass the Poppy to a pal to let them see your trip photos as if they were there.

Or make a wiggle gif to share your three dimensional adventures, on the web!

Learn More About the Poppy
$59 at the Photojojo Shop

The Glif: A Stand and Tripod Mount For All Phones

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We found it! The photo gizmo with the highest usefulness to square-inch ratio. The Glif is a tiny little thing, with a trillion useful uses.

It’s a pocketable phone stand and tripod mount that’ll prop up absolutely any phone, cased or uncased, at any angle.

Prop your phone vertically or horizontally or mount it to a tripod.

Record shake-free videos. Combine it with a self-timer app for flawless selfies and big group photos. Or, just keep your phone at the perfect angle to watch a movie.

This handy gadget adjusts to hold your iPhone in an Otterbox case, your friend’s phone nekked, your mom’s Android … Glif’s usefulness knows no bounds.

Learn More About the Glif
$30 at the Photojojo Shop


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