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Meet the Socialmatic
from Polaroid

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The camera of the future is here! Well, in the very near future of 2015 it will be. And you can be the first in line to snag one.

The Socialmatic from Polaroid is half top-of-the-line digital camera, half instant-photo-printer, and half social-sharing machine. That’s too many halves! All this goodness cannot be constrained by math.

This 14MP camera has a big ol’ touchscreen and Android built in. So you can edit using your favorite apps, print your masterpiece and post it online right then and there.

There’s even a 2MP selfie-cam on the back! Polaroid really thought of everything.

Order now and you’ll be first in line when they ship out. It’ll be worth the wait, even if you hand a Socialmatic IOU to your BFF this Xmas.
Pre-Order the Socialmatic or Learn More
$299 at the Photojojo Shop

Gift Guide 3
Seven New Gifts for Photographers

Gifting time is inching closer and we’ve got another bunch of new products to wrap up in paper and bows.

From the adorablest backup battery to the magical gizmo we used to light paint those floaty words ^^ up there ^^, these gifts are sure to add a little merry and bright to your holidays.

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7 Instant Cameras + Free Film with Every One

“Oh my good gracious.” “How did you know?” “Eeeeeek!”

That’s just the kinds of things you should get used to hearing if you put any instant cameras under the tree this year.

To make sure your lucky giftees can start shooting on Christmas morning, we’re giving you (and untimately them) a free pack of film with every instant camera in our shop. TODAY ONLY!

So hurry up and browse our instant cams below and pick the perfect one for each of your lucky pals. The film’s on us.

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Woohoo! It’s Gift Guide 2

The tree is up. Ornaments abound. It’s time to pile up the presents underneath it.

Well, you’re in luck! This gift guide contains 6 BRAND NEW photo gifts (and stocking stuffers too).

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It’s Here! Gift Guide 1
Six NEW Photo Gifts

The holidays snuck up on you a bit last year resulting in some less than stellar “gifts”… a stocking stuffed with actual socks and canned fruit?

Get a jump on things now and grab the stuff your friends and fam really want!

Take a gander at these 6 six brand new photo goodies (and a few old faves) we hand-picked to maximize your gift giving glory this year.

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It’s a good ol’ fashion swap. Head to the Shop to get all the detailz. This only lasts one day, so get to it (and get some fun new gear).

Get a jump on things now and grab the stuff your friends and fam really want! Check out these top-notch goodies we’ve hand-picked to maximize your gift giving glory this year.

Adventure Awaits!

Cozy sweaters, twinkling lights and slipping on ice, tofurkey’s and burnt pumpkin pies…

Don’t miss out on capturing the merriment (or mishaps) of your adventurous autumn on video, with this collection of gear!

Super Stable, Super Fly-X3

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Your methods for recording videos are impressive, but also complicated and terrifying. Using a skateboard and moon boots to capture smooth video? It’s not safe.

Grab the Fly-X3 Handy Motorized Phone Stabilizer instead and your vids will be smooth as can be.

The Fly-X3 is easy to use on the go. It’ll cradle your phone and automatically adjust to get level videos every time.

As you move, run, or jump the Fly-X3 keeps adjusting for the smoothest results.

Now you can use those moon boots along with the Fly-X3 for extreme action videos without the shake.

Hold steady with the Fly-X3
$299 at the Photojojo Shop

Give Your Fave Gloves Touchscreen Power with Touch Tonic!

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You want to keep your hands warm this winter, but those fuzzy fingers keep getting in the way of important photo-ops and text messages.

Add the magic touch to your gloves with Touch Tonic, the paint-on solution that lets you stay warm and connected to your touchscreen.

When the weather gets chilly, you’ll be able to use your touchscreen phone to snap snowy pics and share them online without ever taking off your favorite gloves.

Choose the Touch Tonic that matches your gloves’ fabric type, quickly apply to the fingertips and let dry.

Keep your personal style without losing the ability to stay connected (or freezing your fingers off).

Stay Connected in the Cold with Touch Tonic (for Gloves!)
$20 at the Photojojo Shop

Turn Your Phone into a Pro Grade Cam with 30x Zoom

You have a fondness for mash-ups: Girl Talk, golden doodles, waffle tacos!

Bring the best of two worlds together again with the new QX30 from Sony, a lens that’ll shoot DSLR quality pics and connect to your phone to give you the instant shareability of … well, your phone!

The newest of Sony’s QX family, the QX30 gives you 30x optical zoom (way better than your phone’s pixelly digital zoom) and is an entire camera on its own with a flash, memory card and video capabilities.

Use your phone as a viewfinder whether the lens is clipped onto the phone or detached for more uniquely angled shots.

The lens snaps pics and sends ’em directly to your phone for instant editing and sharing of all your mashup experiments: roller blade tennis anyone?

Snap Up the QX30 or Its Big Brother QX100