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Get a jump on things now and grab the stuff your friends and fam really want! Check out these top-notch goodies we’ve hand-picked to maximize your gift giving glory this year.

Adventure Awaits!

Cozy sweaters, twinkling lights and slipping on ice, tofurkey’s and burnt pumpkin pies…

Don’t miss out on capturing the merriment (or mishaps) of your adventurous autumn on video, with this collection of gear!

Super Stable, Super Fly-X3

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Your methods for recording videos are impressive, but also complicated and terrifying. Using a skateboard and moon boots to capture smooth video? It’s not safe.

Grab the Fly-X3 Handy Motorized Phone Stabilizer instead and your vids will be smooth as can be.

The Fly-X3 is easy to use on the go. It’ll cradle your phone and automatically adjust to get level videos every time.

As you move, run, or jump the Fly-X3 keeps adjusting for the smoothest results.

Now you can use those moon boots along with the Fly-X3 for extreme action videos without the shake.

Hold steady with the Fly-X3
$299 at the Photojojo Shop

Give Your Fave Gloves Touchscreen Power with Touch Tonic!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

You want to keep your hands warm this winter, but those fuzzy fingers keep getting in the way of important photo-ops and text messages.

Add the magic touch to your gloves with Touch Tonic, the paint-on solution that lets you stay warm and connected to your touchscreen.

When the weather gets chilly, you’ll be able to use your touchscreen phone to snap snowy pics and share them online without ever taking off your favorite gloves.

Choose the Touch Tonic that matches your gloves’ fabric type, quickly apply to the fingertips and let dry.

Keep your personal style without losing the ability to stay connected (or freezing your fingers off).

Stay Connected in the Cold with Touch Tonic (for Gloves!)
$20 at the Photojojo Shop

Turn Your Phone into a Pro Grade Cam with 30x Zoom

You have a fondness for mash-ups: Girl Talk, golden doodles, waffle tacos!

Bring the best of two worlds together again with the new QX30 from Sony, a lens that’ll shoot DSLR quality pics and connect to your phone to give you the instant shareability of … well, your phone!

The newest of Sony’s QX family, the QX30 gives you 30x optical zoom (way better than your phone’s pixelly digital zoom) and is an entire camera on its own with a flash, memory card and video capabilities.

Use your phone as a viewfinder whether the lens is clipped onto the phone or detached for more uniquely angled shots.

The lens snaps pics and sends ’em directly to your phone for instant editing and sharing of all your mashup experiments: roller blade tennis anyone?

Snap Up the QX30 or Its Big Brother QX100

Take Phone Charging Power Everywhere You Go

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Your bag full of charge cords tangled around lip gloss is starting to look more like modern art than anything useful.

Get organized with the Power Wallet and you’ll have quick access to all your necessities plus a backup battery at the ready.

When your phone battery gets low, the Power Wallet will give you a charge up to 160% with the built-in hidden battery. The faux leather is soft and begs to be carried along with you everywhere and you can pack it full with money and phoneography lenses too.

With so much power capacity, you’ll be able to quickly get a charge when you need it without the disaster zone of tangles.

Grab Your Power Wallet and Go
$79.99 at the Photojojo Shop

You’ve got stars in your eyes thanks to the Lensbaby Spark!

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Your effort to add a little sparkle to your photos has left your friends more shocked than excited… confetti in the face!

Try the new special edition Lensbaby Spark Lens next time for magical glitter explosions in your pics without the real life problem of “confetti eye.”

This limited edition lens attaches to your DSLR and gives you more creative control with tilt shift style and 9 special shaped plates for cool bokeh effects in your pics and videos.

Turn bursts of natural and colorful light in your pics into explosions of glowing hearts, stars, flowers and more! Your photos (and video too) will be full of the dreamy shine and sparkle you’ve been looking for.

Put Away the Confetti and Grab the Spark
$129.95 at the Photojojo Shop

The Cutest Backup Battery with 500% Power

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

People say you’re the life of the party. You’ve been known to stay out until the wee hours of hte morning, but it’s so hard to find a friend who can keep up!

The Battery Buddy is the friendly face (and high capacity power source) you need to keep you company and keep your phone charged up for adventure.

Your new friend is ready to go anytime, packing energy to charge your phone up to 5 times before needing a recharge of his own.

Photo and video your adventures without worrying about where you’ll ever find a power outlet at this hour?!

And if you make another human friend while you’re out, the Battery Buddy is cool with sharing – he’s got two USB ports!

Get to know the Battery Buddy
$49 at the Photojojo Shop

Harness the Power of Fringe + iPhone 6 Gadgets

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

You’ve been looking around for years for a fun friend that is both helpful and tiny enough to carry in your pocket.

The Tassel Charging Cable Keychain is the little guy you need to help keep you all charged up and be your ever so fashionable friend.

The Tassel’s fringe is made of hand-stitched top grain leather. Clip it onto your bag or keyring for a stylish accessory.

But don’t let its high fashion exterior fool you, this dude is ready for business. Open the magnetized flap to reveal charging cables for your phone. Choose from Lightning connector for iPhones or Micro USB for Androids.

Your new pal is stylish and ready to go anywhere! Never worry about packing another charge cable again, with the Tassel by your side.

Flaunt some Fringe
$59 at the Photojojo Shop


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