Our New Color Lens and Flash Filters, a ROYGBIV for Your Pocket

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Dear friend,

Your infatuation with color is bordering on obsession.

Your light-paintings are filled with EVERY color of the rainbow, and your double-exposures are insane collages of color.

We know your secret. We’ve seen the crinkly mess of color-gels at the bottom of your bag!

Today is the day when everything changes.

The Color Lens and Flash Filters are here, and they’re going to make everything better.

Eight vibrant, pocket-sized color filters hang neatly on a handy ring, ready for you to use over your lens or flash.

No more crazy double-rainbows. Just one, clean ROYGBIV for your pocket.


Color Lens and Flash Filters Tweet It!
$15 each at the Photojojo Shop!