How Does a Blind Person Use Instagram? This Blind Instagrammer Demos

What if your camera could talk to you? That’s exactly what Tommy Edison’s can do.

Tommy has been blind since birth, but he uses Instagram on the regular. In fact, he has over a thousand followers!

It’s all thanks to the Accessibility setting on his iPhone, a setting that dictates to him what’s on his screen. With it, he can shoot, pick filters, add a caption, and read comments.

You might be wondering why a blind person would use Instagram if they’re not able to see their photos. It’s pretty much the same reason those of us with vision do!

Through it, Tommy’s able to document and share his daily life with friends and fans. In a way, he even gets to “see” his photos through the feedback he gets.

Pretty amazing, right?

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How Blind Photographers Use Instagram [Thanks, Darby!]

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