The Cutest Backup Battery with 500% Power

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People say you’re the life of the party. You’ve been known to stay out until the wee hours of hte morning, but it’s so hard to find a friend who can keep up!

The Battery Buddy is the friendly face (and high capacity power source) you need to keep you company and keep your phone charged up for adventure.

Your new friend is ready to go anytime, packing energy to charge your phone up to 5 times before needing a recharge of his own.

Photo and video your adventures without worrying about where you’ll ever find a power outlet at this hour?!

And if you make another human friend while you’re out, the Battery Buddy is cool with sharing – he’s got two USB ports!

Get to know the Battery Buddy
$49 at the Photojojo Shop

6 Things You Can Do With Your Old iPhone

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It’s Apple season everybody! The newest iPhone’s are ripe for the picking.

This is the biggest (literally) iPhone update since the beginning of iPhones.The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made their debut, and will be available in stores tomorrow!

If you’re getting ready to part ways with your current iPhone, we’ve rounded up some ideas of what you can do with them instead of tossing them in a desk drawer!

What Do I Do With My Old iPhone?

p.s. Not getting a new iPhone? Cheer yourself up with a chuckle over at You might not need that advice, but honestly, it’s not very good. hehe.


How To Paint With Light using Rainbow Flash Filters

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Hey you! Yes, hue!

Color your world one photograph at a time by painting with light.

Our guide will show you how to amp up your photos with color in a flash, without any fancy equipment or software.

Follow the light, friends. A whole chroma of possibilities await.

Learn How To Light Paint With Rainbow Photo Filters


Harness the Power of Fringe + iPhone 6 Gadgets

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You’ve been looking around for years for a fun friend that is both helpful and tiny enough to carry in your pocket.

The Tassel Charging Cable Keychain is the little guy you need to help keep you all charged up and be your ever so fashionable friend.

The Tassel’s fringe is made of hand-stitched top grain leather. Clip it onto your bag or keyring for a stylish accessory.

But don’t let its high fashion exterior fool you, this dude is ready for business. Open the magnetized flap to reveal charging cables for your phone. Choose from Lightning connector for iPhones or Micro USB for Androids.

Your new pal is stylish and ready to go anywhere! Never worry about packing another charge cable again, with the Tassel by your side.

Flaunt some Fringe
$59 at the Photojojo Shop


Happy iPhone 6 Day! Learn Your Phone Phortune

iPhone 6 is cool …

But we’ve got our own magic!

Visit our shop on your phone and *shake* to get your phone phortune and win up to $10 off.

If there’s a new iPhone in your future, check out our photo accessories for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Check out these iPhone 6 Accessories (that work with other phones too)


Photos for a Good Cause!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s you, with your camera!

Photography is your super power, so why not use it for good?

Turns out there are tons of amazing organizations that need your amazing photo skills! Read about three of our faves, then get to helping.

Make the world a brighter place using nothing but your smarts and your camera.

Choose a Charity and Start Helping READ MORE

Hit the Road! Must Have Photo Accessories

On a cross country road trip, selfies just won’t cut it. Is that the Lincoln Memorial or Lady Liberty behind you?

So, we’ve packed our shop with camccessories to take on your next trip: a comfy strap, our favorite tripod ever and a bright ring light.

Three Essentials for Travel Photography


How to Make Hyperlapse Videos that Totally Wow!

There’s nothing quite as sweet as new love.

After only 2 days it’s safe to say – the whole internet is in love with Hyperlapse.

The new app from Instagram, lets you make butter smooth timelapse videos at the push of very few buttons.

Admit it, you’re in love too.

If not now, you will be soon. You just need to get to know Hyperlapse a little better.

That’s why we’ve spent the last couple days, moving at 12x times our regular speed, learning the ins, the outs, the how to’s and how not’s of Hyperlapse. We’re here to share them with you!

Learn to shoot ’em, pick up a few editing tips, see a ton of inspiring vids and get ready to start totally crushing.

The Ultimate Guide to Hyperlapse Mastery READ MORE

Sneaky Ways to Avoid Camera Theft

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The greatest days are full of fun photo ops, not bad guys creepin’ on your turf. Protect your gear!

Cover your phonecam in junky camouflage and trick those thieves into stealing something else less cool, like a stack of old CDs.

Go “normcore” and try carrying your fancy camera in a something less fancy, like a tote bag covered in cats.

Sometimes all you need are confusion tactics … like a picture of a bright pink donut on your fancy camera lens.

Learn Three Tricks For Outsmarting Camera Snatchers


New Sweet Spot Phone Lens from Lensbaby!

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The “Sweet Spot” is more than an excellent name for a tiny pie shop or puppy massage spa … it’s exactly what you need to make your photos really stand out.

Meet the LM-10 Sweet Spot Phone Lens! With it, our pals at Lensbaby are bringing they’re years of creative lens making expertise to the phoneography game.

Stick a removable metal ring to your phone then attach the LM-10 via magnet to add brilliant blur and extra artsiness to your photos and videos.

The LM-10 sports on extra magnet on its end so you can snap on a second lens! Add a Photojojo Phone Lens for a bit of extra drama.

…and if you’re still thinking about those pies and puppies, the Lensbaby LM-10 will help you take more creative photos and videos of those too.

Find Your Sweet Spot
$70 at the Photojojo Shop