Photo Display Roundup

You’ve got prints, prints everywhere. Well, not everywhere … mostly in shoe boxes.

They need to be free! It’s time.

We’ve rounded up the most fun, and stylish, ways to get your prints out into the fresh air. Let those beauties breathe.

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p.s. Not enough prints in your life? Try our Disposable Camera app!

Meet PJ:
Christina Edition

Name: Christina Best (yes, it really is Best) Thomas

What Do You Do Here? I tell jokes and help folks with their Photojojo goodies!

Favorite Camera: The one that’s with me, which is either my iPhone or Canon 60D.

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Have Fun With Prints:
DIY Project Roundup!

Photo albums/picture frames are fantastic. Really, we love ’em.

But we also love finding new and imaginative ways for you to show off your amazing work.

(Plus, we never turn down a crafting opportunity.)

So we’ve rounded up over 50 DIY projects for your glorious prints. (And hey, this list will come in handy once you use our new Disposable Camera App!)

Get Yo’ Craft On


Meet our First Ever App!
Disposable Camera

We made an app and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Meet Disposable Camera!

We brought back everything good about Dispo Cams and none of the bad stuff.

Get back (or feel for the first time) the feeling of 27 potential prints burning a hole in your pocket.

Shoot a through a whole camera and get 27 prints back just like the good ol’ days.

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Fun Poses for
Portraits of Your Pals

Is your Instagram full of photos of your very best pals?

Ours too! We’ve found patient pals make the best models. But what if you wanna get rid of the “stand stick-straight with an adorable (but played out) grin” stance?

Answer: check out our list of poses for pals and try one or all of them! Your photos of friends will go from “meh” to “marvelous!” in just a few simple motions.

Poses for Your BFFs’ Portraits 


Meet PJ:
Darby Edition

Name: Darby “Professional Designer or something” Thomas

What Do You Do Here? I draw funny pictures and make funny websites.

Favorite Camera: The Lomo Instant (this guy here).

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Photo History and How to Repeat It

Know your history, or you’re doomed to repeat it?

Nah, we’ve learned our photo history and we’re happy to repeat it.

Check out our timeline of photo trends, pick up some tips on how to recreate historic looks on your phone. Try your hand at 1930s colorization or go back to that 70s film grainy goodness.

Learn your history, and repeat away!

Learn From the Last 100 Years of Photography

Get Surreal With
Oil and Water Photos

Have you ever tried to mix oil and water? Fortunately it just doesn’t work.

“Wait,” you say. “Why is this fortunate?”

Well because, otherwise you wouldn’t get such fantastic-looking effects when you try to combine the two!

And once you get close (like macro close) then oil and water’s aversion to mingling will result in some seriously surreal photographs.

Excited yet? Good! ‘Cause we’re here to walk you through the five easy steps it takes to create these magical macro shots.

Simple Steps for Oil and Water Magic

Meet a PJer:
Danny Edition

Name: Danny “Dino Dan” Lunden

What Do You Do Here? They tell me I do customer service, but really I make photo dreams come true!

Favorite Camera: My new Sony QX 100 of course (paired with my iPhone)!

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A Celebration of Droneography

We’ve had photo drones in the Photojojo Shop for over a year!

We’ve taken some great flights, shot our fair share of dronies, wrote the book on Drone flying (free with every Drone in the Photojojo Shop) and today we’re launching our first Photojojo designed drone accessory!

What a year.

Click on through to see photos and videos taken by Photojojo customers (and their drone), check out a world map that lets you get a drone’s-eye-view of hundreds of cities and natural wonders alike.

Then, watch our training vids to see if you’ve got what it takes to become a pilotographer.

See Just What Photo Drones Can Get Up To