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The Power Purse:
A Phone Charging Wallet

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Who doesn’t love an afternoon snooze, tucked in tight to recharge for the day?

Give your phone the luxury of a midday power nap with the Power Purse, a wrist wallet with a built-in battery to give energy to tired phones on-the-go.

Keep your phone from getting grumpy and losing energy while you’re happily taking pics all day long.

Not only is this wallet full of power, it’s got plenty of room for cash, cards and phonography gear! Carry everything you need in one stylish package.

Power Up with the Power Purse
$49 at the Photojojo Shop

Juxtaposer: The Best Layering App Ever
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Want to be a game piece in Candyland? Want to ride a roller coaster down the Rocky Mountains?

Now you can do it all! … Well, you can make it look like you did it all.

Juxtaposer is the best app for creating fun photomontages. Cut out a piece of one photo and stick it onto another. We can’t stop playing with it!

We’re going to show you the ins and outs of this app and turn you into a pro user. Because everyone needs to know how to make a photo of themselves swimming in a tub of ice cream.

Create Fun Photomontages Using Juxtaposer


Foldio: A Pop-Up Photography Studio

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You’ve got dreams of your very own photo studio – gleaming white walls, perfectly placed lights and windows overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

The Foldio is a dream come true! It’s a pop-up photo studio, complete with built-in lighting, small enough to take anywhere you want.

Foldio and its LEDs give you a bright evenly lit space for all kinds of photography projects – product photos for Etsy, stop-motion gifs, even pet portraits (of rodents or small reptiles).

Sturdy magnets hold your white walls in place, while clips make it easy to swap out backdrops.

When your shoot is through, fold it up and tote it anywhere. From Manhattan, NYC to Manhattan, Kansas and points beyond.

Pack Up Your Own Foldio Light Studio
$55 at the Photojojo Shop

DIY: Camera Brooch
Extra photos for bloggers: 12, 3

Boring Blazer? Tiresome Trench? Stupid Suit?

No need to rush out for a full-on makeover. Give your stale clothes a splash of character with a DIY Camera Brooch.

All it takes are a few supplies and your kindergarden coloring skills.

You’re just twenty minutes away from adding fashionable flair to your wearisome wardrobe.

Learn How to Make a Camera Brooch


Take a Hike!
With Camping-Friendly Photo Gear

We love camping. The scenery is beautiful, the wildlife photogenic, the tent mishaps hilarious and the burnt marshmallows the best ones.

Don’t let Mother Nature with her water, dirt & total-lack-of-outlets stop you from photoing it all. Pack along these camping-friendly gadgets.

We field tested each one on a recent camping weekend in Big Sur. Check out this photo story of our trip, or scroll on down to see our favorite gear of the weekend.

Power Pot Stovetop Charger

The Power Pot turns heat from your campfire or stove into power to charge your phone, camera or any USB cable charged device!

Cook up your dinner and the power to snap a few more photos at the same time.

Learn More or Buy

DryZone Duffle

Like the little yellow rain slicker of your childhood, this waterproof bag will keep your camera bone dry. Plus, it’s super padded to keep your gear safe.

Pack the DryZone Duffle full of camera equipment (and dry socks) when you’re on the water.

Learn More or Buy

iPhone Super Suit

With the iPhone Super Suit your phone will have the ultimate protection from the elements … like water, sand and gravity.

This sleek case protects and leaves the buttons, screen, camera and headphones totally usable (even while underwater)!

Learn More or Buy

Spring Break Camera Strap

Take your camera on a hike with the Spring Break Strap.

It not only provides a comfy way to carry your most precious cargo, but it makes you look pretty good too.

Learn More or Buy

Gorillapod Mobile

The Gorillapod will hold onto your phone in any terrain. Its bendy legs will stand atop a mountain or hang onto a tree branch for great pics at just the right angle.

Use it as a tripod for self-timer selfies, group pics and shake-free videos.

Learn More or Buy

Now, check out the photos we snapped on our weekend camping trip to Big Sur RIGHT HERE!


Seal the Deal with a Photo
Extra photos for bloggers: 12, 3

Writing your name in cursive to make a promise is fine, but if you really mean it sign with your face!

No, don’t stick a pen up your nose.

If you’re a Mac user, you can use Preview (that app you use to open PDFs) to create a selfie signature and add it to all your official documents.

Nothing says serious business* like a selfie. ;)

Learn How to Add Your Photo Signature to PDFs

*You might want to consult your bank before endorsing checks with a selfie.

Thanks to Seth Terpstra for the tip!


The Instax Printer:
From Phone Pix to Prints in Seconds

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Meet the Instax Printer, the simplest way to instantly print pics from your phone. We’re sure you two will hit it off splendidly.

With a free app and just a few taps on your phone your new BFF makes it easy to turn any photo onto a real live Instax mini print!

Crop, edit and filter first … then, tap tap, you’re printing.

We might be moving a little fast here, but the Instax Printer makes a great addition to a wedding photobooth too.

Grab Your Own Portable Instax Printer
$220 at the Photojojo Shop

DIY: Photo Surprise Easter Eggs
Extra photos for bloggers: 12, 3

What came first? The chicken or the chocolate egg? We don’t know but we do know what came next. You!

Surprise a friend as they bite into an Easter egg by hiding a photo on the inside.

All you need for this surprise are some chocolate eggs, a little chocolate surgery and a photo of yourself in your Easter best.

Put on those bunny ears and hop this way for chocolate surprise fun times.

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Surprise Easter Eggs

p.s. Need a pick me up? Go to and HIGH FIVE THE ENTIRE INTERNET. We made this li’l site for National High Five Day today!


Cordito and the ChargeKey
Meet the New Power Couple

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

There’s a new power duo here to keep you (and your phonecam) charged up while you’re on the go.

Experience the power of the Cordito cord carrier and the ChargeKey, a USB cable that lives on your keychain.

The Cordito keeps your gear in check, tightly rolled up in a stylish leather package. Kind of like a burrito but with less guacamole and more storage space, ready to grab and go.

Carrying cords not really your thing? If you’ve got the ChargeKey on your keychain, grab your keys on the way out the door and you’ve got a mini USB charging cable in your pocket.

Learn more about the Cordito
$40 at the Photojojo Shop

Grab Your Own ChargeKey
$29 at the Photojojo Shop

Teach Your Dog To Take A Selfie
Extra photos for bloggers: 12, 3

Ever wonder what Fido gets up to while you’re away?

Teach your pup to selfie, and all you’ll have to do is follow Mr. Muffins on Instagram to keep tabs.

Yes, your dog can take selfies!

Our Pal Anna Jane of NYC’s School for The Dogs has been teaching dogs this skill (her pooch Amos is quite a pro). She’s kindly agreed to to let you in on just how it’s done.

Convincing your furball to update their Instagram on the regs, is up to you.

How To Teach Your Dog to Selfie

p.s. Help! Anna Jane’s School for the Dogs’ building burned down. So she is raising funds to give the doggies of New York a new place to go for training (and fun). Throw her a (metaphorical) bone, wouldya? Visit her fundraising site.



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