Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide

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We’ve been addicted to Hipstamatic lately, this iPhone app that lets you take retro-look photos with your future phone. You can change up virtual lenses, flashes, and even films.

Thing is, since each lens, film, and flash produces a different look, it can get overwhelming. You know, like, what does the Jimmy lens look like if you use Pistil film and the Dreampop flash?

6 lenses + 7 flash options + 8 films = 336 different combinations. YIKES!

So we took 336 photos with every possible combination of the Hipstamatic arsenal. (Because we love you.) And we’ve even broken it down into an easy guide to tell you which combos go together. (Ditto.)

Photojojo’s Ultimate Hipstamatic Guide
Here’s where we break it down by lens, film, and flash

Big Wall of 336 Photos
Find the look you like, click it to find out how to do it!

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Light Painting with Moth Trails

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OMG, it’s finally Spring!!! Get ready for the warm, lazy, insect-laden nights ahead!

Don’t wrinkle your nose — buggy nights are the best! Once you train flying insects to do your photographic bidding, that is.

Long exposures make moth trails show up as squiggles of light in your night photos: like light painting with bugs!

Grab a tripod and keep reading to learn how to harness the power of the insect kingdom!

Light Painting with Moth Trails How-To

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Keep Calm and Snap On Prints

feature-keepcalmExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Life holds such great pleasure. Like fresh laundered socks, the smell of library books, the release of a brand new version of Photoshop …

Though sometimes it’s easy to forget the most simplest of all: the snap of a camera shutter. Pure. Beauty.

Which is why we love our new Keep Calm and Snap On Prints.

Their sharp design (and vibrant colors) look mighty fine. But best of all, they remind us to sit back, breathe, and put a camera in our hands. Ahh yeah.

Keep Calm and Snap On Prints  Twitter It!
$15 each at the Photojojo Shop!

Make a Clever Lens cap Keeper in 5 Minutes

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Oh, lenscap, wherefore art thou? Seriously, where the heck did you go.

Like socks in the wash, we’ve misplaced more lenscaps than we care to admit.

That’s why Swedish inventor Benny Johansson developed the SkottiRotta, a DIY lenscap-keeper that cozies up to your camera strap.

Now you can put the kibosh on dust and scratches — not to mention on buying a new cap almost as often as you have to buy new socks.

Make a Clever Lenscap Keeper in 5 Minutes

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Paintrealism (a.k.a. Acrylic on Flesh)


Alexa Meade is not your average painter.

Her paintings are heavy. 145 pounds heavy. Her medium’s acrylic. But her canvas? Human flesh.

It’s her photography we’re in love with. Combining paint, art direction, and the lens, they’re unlike any photographs you’ve seen.

Her two-dimensional subjects escape their canvas confines and her camera follows close behind, allowing us a peek into a world where art really does come to life.

Alexa Meade’s Acrylic on Flesh

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Find out What are Your Friends are *Really Doing* on Flickr

We <3 Flickr. We use it to share our pics (obvi), learn how to take better ones, and even make new friends. But you know what we've always wanted? A way to see everything our friends are doing on Flickr. Flickr omniscience, if you will.

Thanks to three curiously clever new websites, you now can.

  • Contacts Who Have Faved shows all the photos that your friends have favorited on Flickr recently
  • Flickr Chatterbox reveals which of your friends’ photos got comments recently (even if you haven’t faved or commented on ’em)
  • Docent shows you all the galleries your buds have made recently

Together, it’s sorta like having the Facebook newsfeed, for Flickr!

Contacts Who Have Faved

Flickr Chatterbox


(‘course, no self-respecting Flickr fan can be w/o The Flickr Time Capsule!)

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Remake Famous Works of Art, With Your Friends

What does the Battle of Gettysburg have in common with Yu-Gi-Oh, Washington Crossing the Delaware, and Star Wars?

They’ve all challenged you to make a cameo appearance.

Photo-reenactments are pure-distilled fun: start by picking your favorite movie/show/poster/painting, then gather friends, props, and costumes to recreate it. Instant inspiration!

Banishing photographer’s block for good while slipping goofily into the annals of history? Hand us our tri-corner hat.

Our Favorite Photo-Reenactments

Watery Camera Tricks for Rebellious Photographers

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

A photographer’s best light source? That would be the miasma of incandescent plasma hanging in the sky.

A carefully-placed lens flare can add drama to your shot. But for the truly daring, a little H2O can take it even further.

Introduce strange squiggles, gauzy haze, and a twinkly smattering of bokeh by placing water on your glass.

Of course, your neighbors may gasp: Dihydrogen monoxide is a menace to electronics, and getting a camera wet is unheard of in polite circles.

Traditionalists may admonish, “it’s simply not done!” But innovators like you know better. High risk! High reward! Now let’s go make history.

Make Your Lens Flares Bloom

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Start3D: Turn Your 2D Photos 3D

We’ve been taking regular old flat photos for years, but lately we’ve heard rumors about a so-called “third dimension.”

A new site called Start3D takes a baby step towards your own personal Holodeck, popping 3D life into 2D shots — with no crossed eyes or funky frames!

Start by taking two photos side-by-side, a left and a right version to match each eye.

Then Start3D waves its magic hands, and shazam! The images blossom into a wiggling animation, sliding smoothly from left to right like it’s right there in front of you for reals.

Welcome to the third dimension! You’ll love it here. Be sure to check out that long flat thing that we call “the horizon.”

Start3D: Turn Your 2D Photos into 3D Scenes

Fix up Your Profile Pic by Throwing a Facebook Party

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You’d never go out dancing without washing your fancy duds or getting your hair did.

Why put any less care into your Facebook pic?

A gorgeous profile pic is the online equivalent of being the hottest dancer in the club — or the fastest crossword-puzzler in Mensa, if that’s your crowd.

You deserve a profile that’s as pretty as you — time to throw a Facebook Profile Photo Party (FPPP)!

FPPPs are parties with purpose: you supply lights and a camera; your guests bring their dazzling demeanors (and silliest props).

By the time the evening is over, everyone has a profile pic they’ll be proud to be tagged in — just the thing to catch the eye of the smoldering hotties in the “Betty White to Host SNL Please” group.

How to Throw a Facebook Profile Photo Party

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