Floatation 101 for Photographers

Why is it that we just can’t come to terms with gravity?  In the boxing ring of flight v. falling, Icarus = 0 and Newton = 1.

No less, flight-seeking photographers like Beijing’s Li Wei will never give up the anti-gravity fight.

Relying on a crafty combo of acrobatics and wire harnesses, Lei creates unbelievable scenes of folks in flight.

His impressive collection includes men shooting out of high-rise windows, children jumping 20 feet off the ground, and flocks of people scattering from trees.

Did you know anyone can levitate? Learn how here!

Lie Wei’s Anti-Gravity Photography
[See more of his photos on our Tumblr!]
Check out this video showing how Li Wei made this incredible image.

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Our New Favorite Camera Bag! (plus Father’s Day Gift Ideas)


Buckles, zippers, and straps — covert architects of lost photo opportunities everywhere.

We can’t count the number of times our trusty SLR was at our side but we missed the shot, thwarted by a case too slow to open.

Then we found it.

Our new fave camera bag, the Cloak, lets you shoot while your camera’s still in the bag!

How it works: a zippered bottom can stay open while you walk because the bag’s strap doubles as the camera’s strap. And stealthy elastic side slits let you get your hands on the controls in a flash. It’s as if the camera’s right there in plain sight. But only you can see it. (learn more)

Now when that perfect moment occurs, we just lift our camera bag to our face and snap! (Scroll on for more Father’s Day Gift ideas…)

The Cloak Camera Bag, our new fave!
$49, available now in the Photojojo Store. Ships free!

Classic StrapA classic alternative to the drab strap that came with your Daddy-o’s Rebel.

Sturdy silver swivel clips, leather-wrapped buckles and a rich hunter green shade are just the stuff to put some strut in his photo walk.

The Classic Camera Strap
$30 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

Gifts for the Spy Dad

dadsday-spylens.jpgThe Spy Lens is a 90° zoom lens adapter that lets dad go undetected for candid street photography, photo-reportage weddings, and kid photography.

Available in a wide range of sizes (and fits-all Ultimate Kit) for any SLR lens.

The Spy Lens
$50-55 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-videoglasses.jpgThe You-Vision Video Glasses make your dad’s nerd dream a reality.

A stealthy little camera in the bridge records full-motion video at the press of a button!

Built-in rechargeable batteries, 2GB of memory (enough for hours of video), works with Macs and PCs, charges via USB.

You-Vision Video Glasses
$149 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-smokedrops.jpgFor dads looking to take their photo sorcery to the next level (which should be all of ’em)… this is the stuff.

These liquid drops combine to form INSTANT SMOKE! Imported from Italy.

Smoke EFX Drops
$49 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

Gifts for Go-Go-Gadget Dad

dadsday-whitebalancelenscap.jpgIs dad a rapid-fire shooter? Fixing dozens (or even 100s) of photos with just slightly different colors, one-by-one, is a pain only too familiar.

The White Balance Lens Cap is the simplest way to white balance photos when you take ’em, the right way. Best of all, there’s nothing extra to carry.

The White Balance Lens Cap
$45-65 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-extender.jpgDad may not have go-go-gadget tripod arms, but the Collapsible Camera Extender is almost as good.

This telescoping monopod fits in dad’s pocket and is perfect for vacations, group shots, and getting dad in the photo. For once.

The Collapsible Camera Extender
$25 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-level.jpgIf re-shooting, cropping, and re-shooting again is the closest dad’s been to virtue and balance — perhaps we can help.

This 3-axis bubble gauge slides into any SLR hot shoe, and makes sure dad stays on the level.

The Level Camera Cube
$15 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-bottlecaptripod2.jpgThe Bottle Cap Tripod fits on top of pretty much any kind of bottle, turning it into an instant camera tripod! 1″ square, and it goes everywhere

Self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots just became a whole lot easier!

The Bottle Cap Tripod
$10 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

dadsday-decals.jpgDad may sleep with his Nikon, but he can’t take it everywhere.

For those times when he has to leave his precious at home, this easily-applied, easily-remove decal will remind others his your other laptop is a DSLR.

Camera Dial Laptop Decal
$18 at the Photojojo Store, available now!

Gifts for the Dads with it All

dadsday-giftcards.jpgFor the dad with everything, there’s only one thing: A Photojojo Gift Card good for, well, everything!

Customize an eco-friendly electronic version, or buy a paper version with bonus camera keychain and let dad get whatever he wants this year.

Photojojo Gift Cards
Many amounts. Customize and send instantly!

The Camera Folder and Tokyo Dreamer Strap

Huzzah! We’ve got two new goodies this week that’ll surely amp your photo taking look.

One is a soft and cozy place for a camera that’s clearly labeled to serve your memory. The other straps to your cam, dripping it with quirky Tokyo street style.

We love them both dearly. So welcome them with open arms, fashionable photog.

      Camera Folder

A camera case shaped like a file folder with cushioned fleece lining a teeny weeny cursor pin. What else do you need? A cell phone shaped like a banana? Right.

Camera Folder
$18 in The Photojojo Shop

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Tokyo Dreamer Strap

Fills the void between your camera’s strapping necessity and your flawless sense of style. It even has a pocket for extra film or memory cards!

The Tokyo Dreamer Strap
$24 at the Photojojo Store

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Fantasy Urban Makeover, with Photoshop

Who hasn’t been stuck on a four-lane interstate from hell and bemoaned the death of the corner store, the small town, the narrow country road?

David Yoon didn’t moan, he did something about it.

Sort of.

Taking photos of multi-lane monstrosities all around Los Angeles, he wielded the power of Photoshop, and he narrowed LA.

With a stroke of a brush, gaping boulevards took on an agreeable charm. Chasm-like intersections, humbled by the mighty masking tool. You’ll be stunned what a change the width of a street can make to the character of a town.

Best, he made a video showing how he did it. Time to take your home city down a notch.

How David Yoon Makes the World Smaller
See also: Microlawns & LA without traffic

p.s. We got our instant film-loving hands on the (just released!) Fuji Instax Mini 25. It’s slimmer, sleeker, and packed with fancy new features you’ll love! Learn more…


Scissor your Shots to Make a Photoweave

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2

Have your photos been looking a bit flat? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Grab those scissors, it’s makeover time!

We’re gonna slice up your photos to assemble a feisty photo weave — a simple, handy way to make even the dullest photos pop.

Follow our simple steps and a winsome weave you’ll have in no time.

How-to Make a Photoweave

p.s. We’re hiring in San Francisco!


Funny Break: CS 4 Crash Reports

Garrett Murray, like us, spends quite some time in Photoshop.

Which means that every so often, more often than he’d like, Photoshop crashes. And he’s presented with this window asking for details.

Unlike us, he obliges:

Crashed on quit again. I’m confused by this. Why would quitting the app cause a crash so frequently? This would be like if you worked in an office from 9-5 and every day at 4:59PM you became filled with rage and ran around throwing chairs and breaking windows. Then you went home and came back the next day acting like nothing happened. Only a psychopath would do this.

You’d think quitting, of all things, would be the easiest action Photoshop could do. Hell, it’s not even an action. Photoshop just needs to give up. I see it giving up all the time half-way through important work, why can’t it do it when I hit CMD+Q?

Oh, crap, I’ll have to fill you in on more details later, it’s 4:58PM and I have to get ready to throw my chair through the window in a minute.

Don’t miss the rest of his collection. (And for more Photoshop chuckles, an oldie but goodie: 101 Photoshop Tips in 5 min.)

Garrett Murray’s Photoshop Crash Reports

p.s. In the SF Bay Area? We’re running a photo booth at the DWR party tonight and would love to see ya!

Introducing the Camera Dial Laptop Decal

feature-keepcalmExtra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Our laptop, a.k.a. “Our Really Expensive Email/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr Machine”.

We can’t always be shooting, so here’s a way to say, “My Other Laptop is a 5D Mark II”.

Our brand new Camera Dial Laptop Decals are a cinch to apply (and remove) and bestow instant personality in a sea of silver.

Your secret handshake into the camera club, available now in Canon and Nikon versions.

Camera Dial Laptop Decal  Twitter It!
$18 each at the Photojojo Shop!

Low-Fi Street Lenticulars = Photo Inspiration in Street Art

So yeah, we know street art, Banksy, and all that jazz is so very late April 2010, done and overdone, *yawn*.

But when we came across this clever lenticular made out of an iron gate in Berlin, we couldn’t help ourselves.

Made with photo-realistic strips attached to slats, it’s invisible from the front, and shows a different pic from each side.

May it inspire some creative new photo displays in your life… or at least a re-visit to our DIY Lenticular Tutorial!

Low-Fi Lenticular on Berlin Street via Jake Dobkin

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Photography by Flying Lawn Chair (a.k.a. Motorized Para-glider)

George Steinmetz gets as far away as he can, then he snaps the shutter.

A new angle in photography is rare, so we’re always impressed when someone manages a vantage point we haven’t seen.

George certainly qualifies. Soaring above the African desert in a motorized para-glider (think flying lawn chair), then landing in remote villages and befriending the inhabitants, he gets the sort of shot you’ve seen, but had no idea how they were made.

Thanks George, for reminding us that sometimes to really see something, you have to get really (really) far away.

Steinmetz’s Aerial Photography [via The Photography Post and The New Yorker]
See more of his photos on our Tumblr.

p.s. Love aerial photography? Here’s two ways you can do it yourself:
DIY Aerial Balloon Photography, Attach a Camera to a Kite

How to Grow a Photo Pinwheel Garden

Extra photos for bloggers: 1, 2, 3

Does your work desk have an over-abundance of adult stuff?

Have the piles of paper sap the exuberance and whimsy of younger days?

Your remedy awaits in photos! A bit of drilling, bending, and twisting, and voilà — a carefree pinwheel garden is born!

What better way to remind yourself of simpler times, before reply-all emails, conference calls, and voicemail.

How to Grow a Photo Pinwheel Garden

p.s. Your best friend’s DREAM JOB is available. You should tell ’em.